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In the early years, before TV and voiceover work took over, Tamara enjoyed a fulfilling stage career. After graduating from Glasgow University with an MA in English and Drama in 1980, she was one of the founder members of Channel 5 Theatre Company. Tamara played major roles in many of its productions in venues ranging from Kelvingrove Park Bandstand (midnight performances of Shakespeare) to a derelict Glasgow basement whose haphazard, eccentric charm was perfectly in tune, if not with Health and Safety regulations, then certainly with the company's particular brand of exuberant, anarchic humour. Continuing to eschew the more traditional establishments, Tamara then moved on to The Mull Little Theatre, in the days when it could legitimately claim to be the smallest theatre in the world; performances were staged in a converted cow byre, the auditorium being a somewhat precarious arrangement of rejected cinema seats. Here Tamara and the other two actors essentially worked as part of a co-operative with the founder/owner Barrie Hesketh and his son Nick, making sets, doing get-ins and get-outs, taking bookings, baking the interval chocolate cakes, serving the interval chocolate cakes, eating the interval chocolate cakes and, of course, performing in three different shows a week over a demanding, but romantic eight month period. After Mull, Tamara returned to the mainland and to more traditional working practices, treading the boards of most of Scotland's major theatres, as well as touring all over the Highlands and Islands and Northern Ireland with TAG and Eden Court Theatre productions.


As You Like It - TAG Theatre Company
... a truly superb demonstration of what can be done with Shakespeare using heart, imagination and absolute minimum of resources...Rosalind, played by Tamara Kennedy in a performance that could walk onto the stage of any major theatre tomorrow, is a kind of sensitive Sloane Ranger ... who dreams the story ... (which is) conjured up with extraordinary understanding and sensitivity ...
Joyce McMillan, The Guardian

Ian Brown's production, displays ... flair, inventiveness and exuberance. Tamara Kennedy gives a playful, teasing, touching performance in the principal part.
Joseph Farrell, The Scotsman

Hard Times - TAG Theatre Company
Tamara Kennedy, in her principal role as the lovely Louisa, turns risky, melodramatic moments into positive emotion ... a tour de force ...
Charles Hart - Glasgow Herald

... a production which ... always radiates that elusive but deeply satisfying sense of something done very well ... Tamara Kennedy is especially good as Louisa.
Joseph Farrell - The Scotsman

John Cobb ... is well-partnered ... by the wonderfully melancholy and withdrawn Tamara Kennedy
Brian Hayward, Times Educational Supplement

Tamara Kennedy .. .painfully moving ...
Nigel Billen, The List

Seasons Greetings - Perth Theatre
The debacle of the puppet show is hilarious ... Tamara Kennedy sends the bored Belinda into nicely girlish, breathy raptures over the cheerfully compliant Clive ...
Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald

For non-stop hilarity ... 'Season's Greetings' is surely one of the best rib-ticklers to grace the Perth Theatre boards. ...the story centres on infidelity, eccentricity, alcoholism and a show-stealing scene involving Alec Heggie, Tamara Kennedy and a toy drumming bear...an overwhelming success.
The Courier and Advertiser

Tamara Kennedy had a neat line in cutting edge. Her swoop on Alec Heggie's author...was hysterically funny as their attempted love scene under the Christmas tree is ended by a manic, mechanical drum-beating teddy bear.
Graham Fulton

Dracula - Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre
Liz Lochhead's Dracula is the most courageous production this Lyceum company have mounted yet ... and ...by far the most inventive ... Tamara Kennedy give(s) a very strong, perceptive, performance...
Sarah Hemming, The Times

Private Lives - Edinburgh Royal Lyceum Theatre
Robin Sneller's touchingly simple-minded Victor and Tamara Kennedy's magnificent Sybil reap nothing but benefit from Brown's low-key approach. The suburban Prynnes will never come closer to stealing the show ... than they do in this production.
Joyce McMillan, The Guardian

Dear Mr Shaw - Mull Little Theatre
The two actors give expression to this intriguing material with a great deal of wit and charm. Tamara Kennedy is ... impressive as Mrs Wheeler, on occasions capable of exquisite playfulness.
Philippa Comber - The Scotsman

The Brahan Seer - Eden Court Theatre
... Tamara Kennedy ... splendidly wild ...
Neil Macleod

Accidental Death of an Anarchist - Channel 5 Theatre Company
the laughs came thick and fast ... Tamara Kennedy, in unexplained drag as the brutal superintendant, relishes to the full this cartoon-like grotesque clad in Nazi uniform ...
Charles Palliser, Scottish Theatre News

In Camera - Attick Theatre Company
In a stunning portrayal of careful realism, Tamara Kennedy gives a beautifully controlled performance as Inez, gliding with faultless ease through Sartre's raw hostility ...
Joe McDonagh, Jewish Echo

The Suicide - Attick Theatre Company
... the comic set pieces ... have a nicely bizarre flavour - Tamara Kennedy, as the earnest, impassioned 'plain Jane' writer is straight out of Posy Simmons ...
Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald

Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning. 
Maya Angelou, American poet & write