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Television and Presenting

Tamara is probably best known for her role in Scottish Television's long running soap opera HIGH ROAD, where she played hotel owner Joanna Ross Gifford for well over a decade. She also appeared regularly in TAGGART, cheerfully identifying blood-splatter patterns on a variety of corpses and flirting in an unfulfilled sort of way with DI Burke over a two year period. Her TV career has taken her to some unlikely locations, from outer space (playing Mrs Bird in the children's series INTERGALACTIC KITCHEN) to Samoa where she played Fanny Osbourne to Ewan Bremner's Robert Louis Stevenson for the BBC. The day after the 52 hour journey home from Samoa she started panto rehearsals at The Palace. That's in Kilmarnock. Back to Earth with a bump. Tamara also occasionally presents corporate DVDs in which she will almost certainly appear wearing the same suit.

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My High Road Jo is no slut…
Naughty newly-wed Joanna Ross Gifford’s Highland fling…has stunned Take the High Road addicts…But actress Tamara Kennedy, who plays adulteress Joanna in the red-hot soap, declared: “She’s no slut”.
Jane Langston, The Sun (November 1988)