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Studio and Voice


Audio TX Communicator system
Microphone: Neumann TLM 103 – Sennheisser.co.uk Model 416 (directional mic)
Digital editing: Audacity

Tamara's Voice

The voice itself is rich and warm with a soft Scot’s lilt. Given the choice, Tamara prefers to use her natural accent – after all, recent surveys suggest that Scottish voices inspire the most confidence and trust in listeners - but is equally comfortable delivering scripts in RP or other regional accents should this be preferred.

Tamara’s tone has variously been described as intelligent, sultry, reassuring, sexy, authoritative, soothing and trustworthy.

Along with clear diction and the distinctive quality of her voice, thoughtful interpretation of text is a particular feature of Tamara’s work.

…through in the booth, my voice flicked over needle dials, stacked and dissolved the lighted blocks of graphic sound 
displays. This is the only place in the whole wide world where everything moves according to my breath. Just now and then I like to have that much power… 
So I am Glad, A L Kennedy The Random House Group Limited